Sufio Professional Invoices vs Order Printer Pro

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Invoicing software makes creating and sending out invoices to your customers a piece of cake. So when looking at Order Pro vs Sufio Professional Invoices, which one of these apps will be perfect for you?

Let’s see how they stack up against each other before you make your decision.

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Order Printer Pro Is More Affordable And Offers Incredible Value For Money

Free trials are important as they allow you to test the waters before fully committing to purchasing the software.

Order Printer Pro has two versions. One is the free plan and the other is the unlimited plan clocking in at only $10 per month. The former is designed for those stores that need to send out and create less than 50 invoices for orders at the end of each month. The latter is if your store has more than 50 orders.

Aside from that, you’re getting the same features in both packages. You’re simply paying a small fixed fee to send out and create more invoices with the paid plan.

Sufio Professional Invoices offers a 14-day free trial of the Basic plan, which typically costs $19 per month. The next plan is the Standard version, which is $49 per month and offers more features than the basic. Finally, they have a Premium plan at $129 per month and an Enterprise one for $499 per month.

  • Order Printer Pro doesn’t have any major differences between the free and paid version
  • Suffio Professional Invoices has a free trial but will require payment once the trial is over
  • There are major differences between the different Sufio plans and they are expensive
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Become More Accessible With Multi-Language And Currency Options

Thanks to Order Printer Pro's built-in accessibility and auto-translation features, you can send invoices in the language that your customers speak and the currency they use. You can apply automatic translations

Sufio Professional Invoices can translate your invoices into 35 languages. However, the basic plan only allows you to work with one language and currency. If you want to access more languages and currencies, you’d need to start looking at the more expensive packages.

  • Order Printer Pro gives you all the language and currency features on both its plans
  • Sufio has good translation features but they’re locked behind a paywall
  • If you need help, Order Printer Pro comes with support 24/7, 365 days of the year
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Beautiful Template Designs With Easy Customization

Every invoice and receipt you send to customers should reflect your company. Both Sufio and Order Printer Pro’s templates can be customized, but Order Printer Pro’s customization options are more comprehensive.

Your company can stick out while including all the necessary information by using fully editable and translatable templates from Order Printer Pro. It's very easy to use and accessible for all as you can customize everything without needing to know how to code.

Sufio allows you to do basic customizations like adding your logo or changing the fonts if you’re using the starter pack. To do more extensive customization, you will need to have the Enterprise plan. This allows you to customize the template designs. However, this package is $499 per month, which is very expensive.

  • Order Printer Pro has good customization features and is incredibly affordable
  • Sufio Professional Invoices has very basic customization features unless you opt for the expensive versions
  • Order Printer Pro is also fully compatible with templates from Shopify’s Order Printer & Order Printer Templates
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The Bottom Line

When these two invoicing apps are pinned up against each other, it’s clear that Order Printer Pro comes out on top. If your Shopify store is just starting out and you have under 50 orders per month, you can use it for free! And when it’s time to upgrade, it’s only $10 a month.

Sufio, on the other hand, is much more expensive and you need to pay more to use all its features.