Order Printer Pro is Now "Built for Shopify"

Order Printer Pro is Now "Built for Shopify"

We wanted to share our excitement and let you know that one of our apps, Order Printer Pro, has been officially verified with the "Built for Shopify" stamp 💎 . This is more than just a tiny diamond icon in the the app store — it's an assurance of the quality and reliability you can expect when using our app.


What Does "Built for Shopify" Mean?

It's basically Shopify's way of giving us a high-five for creating an app that's safe and reliable. Our app has met some strict criteria set by Shopify for quality and overall performance, which means it enhances your Shopify experience in a meaningful way.

"Built for Shopify status is the highest level of recognition and achievement that an app can reach." From the official Shopify Developer's page.


Curious About Order Printer Pro?

If you're already using Order Printer Pro, thank you! Your support has been instrumental in helping us achieve this "Built for Shopify" stamp 🙏🏼

If you haven't, now's a perfect time, and it's free to try! Our "Built for Shopify" stamp means you can trust the app to make order printing easier, faster, and more efficient for your store.

Learn more about Order Printer Pro.


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